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China Jinan Auten Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Jinan Auten Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
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The cooperation is very enjoyable. Jinan Auten has an excellent professional team, the equipment works well and stable, the timely and enthusiastic after-sales service has impressed us. We hope that we can have more in-depth cooperation in the future!

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The CNC processing machine is easy for maintenance, high performance, moreover, the price is affordable.

—— Bob

Nice cooperation, we appreciate their patience, and hard working.

—— Mary

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CNC Angle Line
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Maintenance of CNC angle Punching, Marking and Cutting Machine Machine Line

Proper use of machinery and equipment, maintenance and seriously implement the rules of safe operation is to extend equipment life, a necessary condition to ensure safety in production. Therefore, the operator should first be familiar with the structure of equipment performance and operating procedures. Under the general use of angle steel line maintenance of CNC angle line to make a few for reference.

1) Work wear No. N46 recommended oil hydraulic oil (GB443-84), the hydraulic oil should be, as the temperature. Room temperature below 20 ℃, can wear No. N32 hydraulic oil temperature above 30 ℃, the available N46 or N68 No. resistant No. resistant hydraulic oil hydraulic oil. Using the oil temperature should be 15 ℃ - 55 ℃ range. Since room temperature is different depending on the particular circumstances to use cooler, generally above the fuel tank when the temperature at 45 ℃, open the cooler to cool down.
2) The oil should be strict with 24μ of the oil filter before adding the filter tank. Fuel tank capacity shall not be less than the oil standard requirements.
3) The oil filter should be regularly cleaned with kerosene, the working oil changed once every 2,000 hours of work.
4) The pressure gauge should be checked and calibrated once every six months.
5) Mechanical time disabled, should clean the surface coated with anti-rust oil.
6) Lubrication:
on a cut between the blade and the blade seat, punching mold and punch rod between the injection hole, slide the printer between the frame and rails, and other moving parts into the N46 lubricants should always be a time start re-start should be preceded by oiling.
b screw grease before starting a class.
c drive rack engagement surfaces, the drive chain should always painted ZG-2H synthesis of calcium-based grease (SY1409-76) for lubrication.
d horizontal feed table, turn the first gear rack, etc. before the start of hydraulic oil should be injected into No. N46, should be replaced once every six months the oil inside the reducer.
e drive rack rails should be painted face No. N46 hydraulic oil and a mixture of calcium-based grease for lubrication, recommended that each work week, with oil again.
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